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2009 Dodgers in numbers

I've been wanting to do sort of a recap of the Dodgers season because it was so freaking awesome and I want to remember it for a long time. There's going to be two parts. This is just a brief recap. It has a lot of the Dodgers numbers and achievements hence the title. AND PICTURES!



Dodgers 2009 Season in Numbers:

The team started 13-0 at home setting the modern day MLB record. (The Chicago White Stockings won 21 games straight in 1880.)

They only lost 4 games in a row twice and 5 in a row once.

They were swept only 1 time and that was a 2 game series.

They had 43 come from behind wins plus two in the playoffs.

They had 12 walk-off wins plus one in the playoffs. 

They had 95 wins and 67 losses (the best record in the National League, third best in the Majors.)

Their record at home was 50 wins and 31 losses, 3rd in the National League. (1st is San Francisco, 2nd is Colorado, both are from the West)

Their record on the road was 45 wins and 36 losses, tied for 3rd with the Cardinals. (1st is Philadelphia and the Braves are 2nd)  

They got their 11th National League West title.

It was the 8th time the Dodgers have held the best record in the National League.


Team Batting:
Dodgers led the National League with highest BA (batting average) at .270.

Dodgers led the National League with 1511 hits. (Florida Marlins were second with 1493 hits.)
Dodgers led the National League in OBP (on base percentage) with .346.
Dodgers had 145 homeruns, 11th in the national league. Philadelphia was 1st with 224.

Dodgers scored 730 runs and the opposition scored 611runs, 169 run difference, the best in the majors.

Team Pitching:
They had the lowest team ERA (earned run average) at 3.41 in the majors. (2 years in a row)
Their pitchers had 1473.1 innings pitched (most in the majors)
Other teams’ batting average against the Dodger pitching was the lowest in the majors at .233.
The Dodgers had the best WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) in the majors with 1.25.


Team Fielding:
Dodgers were 4th in the National League in fielding.
They had 83 errors in 6097 total chances giving them a .986 percentage.
They had 1594 assists total.
They had 4420 putouts (the most in the NL) in 6097 total chances.
The last two weeks of the season were tough for this team. They played three last place teams in a row and only won 3 of 9 games. In those 9 games they made 9 errors. When it came down to it the Dodgers did end up beating the Rockies to clinch the NL West title.

In the playoffs the Dodgers fielding percentage was 1.000. In 8 games they made no errors and took advantage of the oppositions' errors. Looks like they got it all out of their system before the playoffs.

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